Benny Powers playing the flute at Ein Gedi

Benny rocking the jazz flute at Ein Gedi

Benny Powers was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, where from a young age he studied science and the performing arts. A trained percussionist and budding flautist, his interests include Judaism, science and technology, history, and spirituality.

At the turn of the century, he embarked on a journey to Israel which changed his life forever. After seven years of advanced Jewish study at Yeshivas Aish HaTorah in the Old City of Jerusalem, he officially made aliyah in 2011 and shortly thereafter completed his guide’s course and received his tour guiding license.

In addition to serving as a private guide, Benny has lead Taglit Birthright Israel, Fellowships, JWRP and other organized Jewish educational groups. He works as a house-guide at the City of David – Biblical Jerusalem, at the Temple Institute and at Aish HaTorah’s Western Wall Experience.

Benny met and married his wife, Rachel, in 2013 and lives with her in Jerusalem’s historic Giv’at HaMivtar neighbourhood.

One of my favourite things in life is to share my exuberance with others. In Israel it’s easy, since there’s so much here to see, and so much to share.

When we visit the Land of Israel, we are really exploring ourselves. The routes and vistas of this country mirror the inner pathways of the soul and the meandering flow of history. I would be honoured to serve as your guide to this most-special place. Why don’t you come and see for yourself why this Holy Land has been sought after for thousands of years?