Author: Benny Powers

Biblical-Era Seal Belonged to Powerful Woman

Archaeologists in Jerusalem have discovered two stone seals from the biblical period, one of them bearing the name of an apparently powerful woman. The IAA announced the discovery of two seals fashioned in First Temple Period style with ancient Hebrew inscriptions. These seals were unearthed at the Givati parking lot excavation at the City of David, not far from the Temple Mount, on Monday.

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Ein Gedi – Desert Oasis

Rare Natural Beauty and Compelling History Nestled up against the cliffs of the Judean Desert on the western coast of the Dead Sea, an ancient oasis still springs forth from the rock. In this shockingly arid landscape, the verdant slopes of Ein Gedi have attracted life of all sorts since time immemorial. It’s a place of natural beauty and ancient history; the Bible calls it Ein Gedi: Kidgoat Spring. People have lived in Ein Gedi since before history began. King David himself stayed here while pursued by his enemies. Jewish rebels held out here and at nearby Masada against the...

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2000 Year Old Jewish Coin Horde Found Outside Jerusalem

TLVFaces and others are reporting the discovery of a horde of coins minted by Jews in Jerusalem some 1950 years ago. The coins are stamped one one side with a chalice and the inscription “To the Freedom of Zion” and on the other with a lulav and etrog, ancient Jewish symbols. The coins were found in a wooden box in the corner of a Second Temple Period house along the course of the ongoing project to widen Highway 1 from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv. These coins were minted in the fourth year of the Jewish revolt against the romans. The...

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The Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem is an essential stop on any Israel Itinerary. I lived there for six years and still consider it home. On our walk through the cobblestone alleyways and back streets of the Rova (as it’s called in Hebrew), almost 4000 years of history will pass before our eyes. Along the way, we’ll try to peel back the layers and understand how it could be that his great city has remained fixed in human consciousness for millennia. Our first stop takes us back 2700 years to the days of the Prophet Isaiah, King Hezekiah, and Sanheriv the Assyrian...

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The Port of Jerusalem: Old Jaffa

Jaffa is Tel Aviv’s southern, Arab doppelgänger. It entered the last century as the country’s second most important city and the presumed capital of the future Arab state. In one hundred years it saw two major wars; immigration and exodus; mass demolition ; crime and charisma. The new century dawned on a gentrifying suburb crawling out of seedy obscurity with a verve for tourist shekels and post-Zionist chic. A relaxing walk through ancient Jaffa takes you into the sea breeze and serenity of this timeless harbour. Come join me in exploring the ancient world city. Clock Tower Square At the entrance...

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