Why would non-Jews want to go on a Jewish tour? There are more reasons than I could count. The movement we call Judaism has its roots in a unique event which occurred in the Sinai desert 3,300 years ago and stretches back even farther, to 4,000 and even 5,500 years ago. Since then, the message and meaning of this movement has spread to all four corners of the world and influenced all major world civilizations in one way or another.

As an experienced Jewish educator, I’ve learned how to translate ancient Jewish wisdom for modern ears. My work as an Israel guide has shown me how interested and curious non-Jews are about Judaism and Israel. I believe that non-Jewish groups receive the best service from knowledgeable Jewish guides who can deliver the authentic message of Torah Judaism. By visiting this great country, they will broaden their horizons and share in the miracle of 4,000 years of Jewish history.

When you bring your family or tour group to Israel with me, you will discover:

  • Who are the Jews, anyways?
  • What do Jews do on Shabbat?
  • How many Jews are out there today?
  • When did the most critical events in Jewish history take place?
  • What is Jewish family life like?
  • What does a Synagogue look like inside, and how does it work?
  • What are the basic tenets of Judaism?
  • How does Judaism differ from other religions?

Consider this sample itinerary:

Jerusalem Panorama. Photo by Ian Scott

Jerusalem Panorama. Photo by Ian Scott

Jerusalem LookoutGet an overview of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives
City of DavidWalk where the prophets walked in the city where the Bible was written
Visit a Jewish FamilySee Jewish life in the Old City of Jerusalem. During holiday seasons, learn about special days like Sukkot or Hanukkah, or visit a matzoh bakery.
Visit a SynagogueLearn what goes on in a shul.
Aish HaTorah Rooftop PanoramaSee a breathtaking view of the Temple Mount, Judaism’s only holy site.
The Western WallConclude the day at the Western Wall, where thousands pray daily.

It’s my hope that by visiting Israel and learning more about her people, history and Torah, you and your group or family will gain a deeper understanding of Jewish and world history, and the common threads which bind them all together.